Season Two Brodettes


Antoinette Melvin, formally Barnhill, is a professional and lover of Jesus. She is a graduated from ECU with a Bachelor of Science in English Education and a Master of the Arts in English Literature concentrating on multicultural and transnational literature. And, as if two degrees were not enough, she also has a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from the North Carolina College of Theology. She is the oldest sibling of four. She grew up extremely poor in a single-parent household where she learned to be a caregiver and independent woman very early on. Over the course of her life she has experienced varying degrees of trial and triumph that has worked to shape who she is today. P.S. She just finished her manuscript for her first book.

What makes her a brodette: First and foremost, I am a survivor. I will grind to get done what I need to get done always. I may not always enjoy it, but I see challenges just for what they are. You will not find me throwing pity parties for myself (or anyone else for that matter). I know that bad things happen to all of us with no exception, and you can either get over them or let them run over you.  Next, I have learned as I have grown in my womanhood to be unashamedly and unapologetically confident of my skill and intellect.


Joy Percoroa was born and raised in Southern California to Latin parents (Guatemalan and Argentine). She graduated with a degree in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin. Joy launched WOWW Campaign in 2014, which began with video interviews of female leaders in Austin, TX. She then launched her own podcast in February of 2017 which continued with the same concept and evolved in bilingual episodes with interviews and inspirational segments with women from all over the world.

What makes her a brodette: Her ability to lift the women around her and pursue her abuility to hustle all hours of the day to make her entrepreneur dreams come true.


Erika Weathers is single, with no kids, and a two time breast cancer survivor. She’s been a flight attendant 20 years and lives in Atlanta, Ga. She is inspiring actress and future book author

What makes her a brodette: I’m a strong, black woman hoping to also empower young ladies to reach for the stars to believe in and love themselves. I'm still a work on progress myself!


Jasmine Cordell- Armstrong is a nationally certified, and licensed Recreation Therapist who graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Recreation Therapy. Later she would join the Breakpoint Coaching Collective, under the mentorship of Dr. Patrice Carter, to become a certified life coach. Upon completion of the Collective, she pursued her dream to launch “Heart of the Matter Coaching.” In addition to her other accolades, this dynamic woman adds author under her belt as well. Coach Jasmine Ariel's freshman book as a co-author, Unleash Your SHERO, highlights the stories of 14 powerful women, who pushed past those things that cause us to become STUCK in life, to unleash their SHERO within. From within her chapter entitled, “Unleash the Darkness of Grief”, she will give you tools on how to become and remain UNLEASHED! Lastly, she was recently crowned Mrs. Black NC 2018.


Shaunlee Robben is newly divorced, single-mom trying to find a way to create a life and business that she loves; one that makes the world a better place and the people in it much happier with themselves. She grew up poor. Half white, half Mexican. Half Minnesota, half Texan. Completely misunderstood. Most of that misunderstanding came from herself - not really trusting who she was or even knowing. Trying to wear the masks and be the person she thought other people wanted her to be. In the end, Shaunlee found that just never works. Now, she’s working on strengthening her sense of self and identity beyond the roles she plays in service to others.

What makes her a brodette: I guess what make me a brodette is the fact that I am unrelenting. This can be a flaw at times (it's been a common complaint and complete from anyone who's been in a leadership position over me, lol). But for the most part I see this as an asset and what makes me a true brodette.


Anna Woods is a wife and mom of three. She has two girls and one boy. Her son has Down Syndrome and her oldest daughter has Asperger's and Sensory Processing Disorder. Her need to workout came from home has been required. She used to compete in weight lifting and CrossFit on a high level and all her competitors called her "Home Gym." It just stuck. Anna started sharing her weight lifting video's, tutorials and working out with her kids in her garage on social media and it went from there. She would share her story, her motivations, and heart and struggles within those posts and it became a movement. Soon, she was programming garage workouts for others, which in turn, became a Facebook community, and now an app, a nutrition program, sheFUEL meals, and apparel. Anna speaks at schools, community events, and businesses on the concept of "I am Enough" which to her is the foundation for self-belief and self-care.

What makes her a brodette: My desire to be a part of a sisterhood of steel, with other women like yourself, unafraid to share our stories, struggles in an effort to draw us together for support, encouragement, and motivation.