Divorced Dames


Antoinette Sophia (Ann) and Stephanie Renn are two thirty-something divorcees who founded the empowering company in one another as they simultaneously experienced the disappointment, disillusion, and dismay of divorce. Now armed with lighter hearts, experience, and an arsenal of stories, these two want to share the love and encouragement that helped them (and continues to help them) deal with this new phase of life they didn’t expect to live. Tune in every Monday as they discuss the drama, dilemmas, and misadventures of navigating the post-divorce life.



Antoinette Sophia (Ann), 32, is 1/2 of the fabulous Divorced Dames pair. In her professional life, she works in communications as a copy editor and copywriter while also pursuing her dream of being a full-time author. Ann rarely meets a dish she won’t eat, but don’t try to bring her just any ol’ thing to drink. Her coffee must be dark and strong, wine must be dry and red (though she also enjoys some bubbles), her beer must be craft, and her liquor must be bourbon and smooth. For Ann, post-divorce life has not been easy but it’s been revelationary. Through it all, she has discovered the value of mental health help and the strength God has given her to survive. She was gifted with an incredible friendship of Stephanie Renn and all the antics which have come along with it. This new chapter in her life has given her the freedom to accept failure and dismiss the need for approval. With one well-manicured finger in the air, she has leaned into the strength and power to be unabashedly honest and unwaveringly protective of herself. She hopes that as you listen to Divorced Dames, you find community in the stories that are shared and the freedom to live your best post-divorce life. 



Stephanie Renn, 31, the other half of the Divorced Dames duo. A cat-loving, product designer, pushing pixels and nerding out over UX principles by day; A creative soul with a love for video games and streaming by night. Stephanie has a passion for her career and all things creative and geeky in her life. She strives to push herself in her position as a designer, pushes her creativity in her artwork and parties hard ... in her gaming. Her favorite past-times almost always include a drink. She desires smooth whiskey, botanical gin, or deep red wines (depending on the mood, of course). Her post-divorce life wasn’t what you’d call super dramatic, compared to others, but it certainly built her in ways she never imagined and continuously grows from today. Stephanie has built her ability to stand up for herself and when needed, say no. God has always been a huge part of her life, and that didn’t change during her process. She’s seen deliverance in various ways in her life and has a yearning to keep prospering. Within this “post-divorce” phase of her life, Stephanie became close friends with Ann and together have laughed, cried, comforted, and built each other up to be the strong women they are today, and continue to be.


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