Season One Brodettes


Tatiana Zappardino, 28, is an actress, writer and director. She was born in San Diego, CA. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Arts at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, FL and was commissioned into the Marine Corps as a Public Affairs Officer. Nowadays, Tatiana is in Atlanta, GA where she spends most of her time on films, writing screenplays and performing sketch comedy. She started an all female sketch team in the Atlanta area that focuses on bringing light to female talent and comedians called Fine China Comedy. 

What makes her brodette: I refuse to let adversity and odds define my goals. I push past what people claim to be impossible and continue fighting towards my dreams of being an actress, writer, director and badass Brodette!

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Laura Snell, 37, bad ass Clinical Social Worker who has found a way to be employed internationally, in a country that she loves, Japan!  She's also a teacher (both college and ESL for sweet little kiddos in China). She considers herself a struggling weightlifter/Crossfitter, and an avid eater :) Travel is her jam, filling her passport is my goal! Laura want to see the world and put her little feet on every single corner of it!

What makes her a brodette: I'm a brodette because I want this world to be a better place than what it is currently for women, minorities, people who identify with a sexual orientation or gender that doesn't fit the "norm" of society. We owe humanity more, we can do better. 

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Vanessa Rogala, 31, was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She met her husband, Kevin, while he was stationed at Lackland. They got married around the time she graduated college. Then, they moved to Okinawa, Japan for four years. Then, they were sent to Langley AFB in Virginia. Vanessa was fortunate enough to go to William and Mary Law School shortly after they moved Virginia. After 3 years of law school and two attempts at the bar exam, she is now a lawyer for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She also has a son, Franco, who came into this world while she was studying for bar exam #2. Franco is absolutely her world. Now, they are living life in Yorktown, Virginia. Vanessa is learning how to be a lawyer and how to get over her severe impostor syndrome, as well as figuring out how to be a mom.

What makes her a brodette: I am definitely working on becoming comfortable in my own skin. But, the thing that I think makes me a brodette is my ability to see an obstacle and strive to overcome it. Whenever I am met with a challenge, I focus on a point in the future where i have already overcome that challenge; that allows me to somehow believe that I can get through it. 


Keavy Rake, 35, wife to Adam Westley, whom she fell in love at 17. She's the mom to a couple wonderful an amazing young men: Toren Salvador, almost 15, Chase Brumley 11 ½ and Ivan Page-- who she lost almost 16 years ago. She loves being on the water, hanging out of airplanes when she gets the chance and anything that is an adventure. She equally loves couch time and netflix with the family. Keavy has a degree in Human and Regional geography with a minor in history as well as a minor in Aerospace studies. She commissioned through University of Utah AFROTC program and became a PA officer in the United States Air Force. Keavy is still serving.

What makes her a brodette: I'm a brodette because I have the ability to be super loyal, super fast. I’m just trying to be me in this world, but I’ll be the first to admit that you have to have deep and meaningful relationships in life-- I think my ability to quickly form those is what makes me a brodette the most.


Chari Hensler, 37, married at 18, had 3 kids, divorced at 29, had three kids, divorced at 29. After her divorce, she met David, the love of her life, remarried and blended their families. She considers herself a survivor of divorce, poor health, lack of self-confidence, eating disorder, and feelings of unworthiness which she works everyday to overcome.  Chari and David, are raising five kids and started their business and brand, Muscle and Mirth. She has a dual master's degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf/Elementary Education. She is currently going back to school for Educational Administration.

What makes you a brodette: I choose to compare me against me. Don't you doubt, I am my own worst critic and my biggest obstacle. So everyday my goal is to fight and overcome those demons in my head. More often than not, I come out on top and even when I don't, I get back in the ring the next day to fight again. That's what makes me a brodette. 

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 Melissa Boatwright, 39, grew up in Wyoming, but never quite felt like she belonged there as a teenager. She joined the Air Force at 19 and spent 10 years on active duty as a military journalist in Spangdahlem, Osan, Nellis, the Pentagon, Baghdad, and Kunsan (and lots of TDYs). She left active duty, finished her Masters and transitioned into the Reserves. In the reserves, she earned her commission as an officer. Melissa worked for a bit in Wyoming after she finished her Masters degree and brought Facebook for businesses to the small town of Torrington, Wyoming J. She then moved to Charleston, worked for a law firm in PR, then transitioned to Philly and a got job with a global company doing internal communications. About three years ago, Melissa moved to San Francisco started working as a Chief of Staff for a Chief Technology Officer and now she is a Vice President of Technology Programs. Three years ago, she hosted an event showcasing the diversity of veterans in their post-service lives. That has now evolved into a non profit called Battle Tested Veterans.

What makes her a brodette: A firm belief that success is not a finite resource. My success doesn’t have to come at the expense of others, there is enough success for all of us to rise up. In terms of being unafraid to show my baddassery, for me that’s still a bit of a work in progress. Sometimes I boldly show up as me, and other times, I’m showing up as me but shaking like a leaf on the inside. 

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Alison Hestermann, 33, attended College/ROTC at Colorado State University, majored in Biology and met husband, Riley. Her and Riley have been married for nine years and have three children; Jackson, Ava, and Colton. She Commissioned in 2006 as an Aerospace Physiologist. She had two assignments, one in Del Rio, TX and Okinawa, Japan. Alison separated active duty in 2012 after birth of her first son. Her CrossFit background started at Shogun CrossFit affiliate in Okinawa. She has coached at CrossFit Archaic in Rapid City, SD. In September 2014, her and her husband opened up CrossFit Brookings in Brookings, SD.  Currently,  she's a coach and manages the gym.  Alison is also an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields and am leading a team of female entrepreneurs..

What makes you a brodette: Ever since I can remember, my parents have encouraged me with saying “Alison, you can do and be anything you want”. While those dreams have evolved throughout the years, I am passionate about the calling on my life: to serve others.  That service comes in many forms, but I get no greater joy than helping others achieve their goals and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

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Tara Duncan, 30, is a full-time working mom with a one-year-old. She has been lifting for two and half years, powerlifting has been her focus for a bout a year, starting about two months after she had her baby. She is also a Strongman athlete. Tara started lifting in general because she had to figured if she wasn't going to be a small girl, she may as well be able to do some pretty impressive shit. Powerlifting has taught her to appreciate, love her bod and understand what she can do with it which helps her battle her depression. 

What makes her a brodette: I won't stop until I get what I want. I work hard. I learn and I grow. I'm strong and pretty--and it's okay that I say that because Brodettes don't have to be one or the other. We are all strong and beautiful. 

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Allie Delury, 27, an award ­winning professional with approximately ten years of journalism and public relations expertise and five years of active duty Air Force service with public affairs, combat camera, and international relations leadership experience. Allie started her journey in media in 2010 when she was hired as a part­time camera operator for Big Ten Network. From there, she held internships, part-­time and full-­time positions at FOX Sports North, WCCO­TV (CBS), and WDIO­TV (ABC). Once she entered active duty Air Force service, she worked as a public affairs officer at Aviano, Italy and finished her career as a combat camera flight commander in San Antonio, TX.

What makes you a brodette: Throughout my life, the odds have always been against me. I started as the only female in my freshman ROTC class and graduated top of my class (hence the awesome first assignment to Aviano). I worked as female in the sports industry for two years and am probably the only Active Duty officer who also obtained a full­-time reporter contract during her service. I have heard the phrase “you can’t do this because [insert lame excuse here]” on the regular, and that stubbornness and drive to succeed has led me to where I am today. Brodettes don’t often take ‘no’ for an answer, so in that sense I think I fit the definition.

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