Brodette Nation Podcast Host


Natassia Cherne is the host of the Brodette Nation Podcast  which launched 28 July 2017. A little about me, I work full-time in the United States Air Force, I'm a wife, I'm a mommy, a food lover, and a hustler! I've been married to my husband, my audio editor, Adam, for nine years. Together we have two two amazing little boys, Gabriel and August. My hometown is Richlands NC. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from East Carolina University and a graduate degree in Media Studies from Clarion University. 

Through my travels all over the world, I realized I was surrounded by incredible women, with important experiences and stories to share. I also noticed there aren't many avenues for everyday women to share their stories. I started this podcast because I'm passionate about building the next generation of female leaders. I know we can build/empower young Brodettes by providing examples of all types of women and the challenges they go through. I want to help other women become more comfortable in their skin. My goal is to provide a platform to highlight amazing, every day women. In the future, I would like to branch-out beyond a podcast and create an online platform to celebrate women and help them achieve their goals. 

Disclaimer: Any opinions or comments made by host Natassia Cherne, are her own and not endorsed by the U.S. Air Force or Department of Defense.  Furthermore, any sponsorships, business products, commercials, endorsements, and external links are associated solely with the Brodette Nation podcast and are not endorsed by the U.S. Air Force or Department of Defense.